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By treenadmin, 11/24/2017 - 15:38

A cold environment can cause several adverse health effects. Extremely cold or wet weather can cause occupational illness and injuries such as hypothermia and frostbite. In -15°F (-26°C) weather, it can take less than 30 minutes for frostbite to set in. These serious health risks can be minimized by wearing the right protection. Workers in industries such as construction, commercial fishing, food storage, forestry, oil and gas, infrastructure maintenance and machinery are in constant risk of frostbite and hand injuries caused by cold temperatures. Treen Safety recognizes these industry needs and has the right resources to help! If you work outside or in cold temperatures, Ansell’s new ActivArmr 97-681 and ActivArmr 97-631 gloves may be the right fit for your industry. 

ActivArmr 97-681

ActivArmr 97-681 provides both cold and liquid protection with dexterity and comfort. Rated EN511: 221, this glove protects against 3 kinds of cold: wind, contact and moisture. 

The RIPELTM technology makes this glove waterproof and textured PVC coating provides a sure grip in the coldest temperatures. The two-layer design with the PVC coated nylon exterior and insulated acrylic interior is another feature that makes this new glove a necessity when working in cold temperatures. The PVC coated flexible nylon exterior protects against liquid and mechanical risks including cut. The soft and insulated acrylic interior provides comfort, warmth and helps prevent frostbite. As a result, ActivArmr 97-681 provides an industry leading combination of warmth and dexterity in a liquid proof glove. Thin enough to handle small objects but protective enough for harsh environments, ActivArmr 97-681 helps you outsmart the elements of cold temperature. It is ideal for drilling and extraction, production services and processing applications. This glove is rated ANSI abrasion level 3 for increased durability and it is FDA approved.

ActivArmr 97-631

ActivArmr 97-631 has high dexterity and thermal protection for cold. The PVC coating ensures that the glove retains flexibility and grip even as temperatures drop. It has the highest possible dexterity score on EN420 test.

ActivArmr 97-631 is thermal certified and has an EN 511 level 12X rating to protect against cold convection and contact to help prevent frostbite. It is proven to keep hands up to 13% warmer than the competition. One of the reasons for this is due to its two-layer design. The flexible nylon exterior protects against mechanical risks, including cut and it contours to the hand which permits maximum dexterity. Similarly, the soft and insulative acrylic interior provides comfort and warmth. ActivArmr 97-631 is a FDA approved glove with unique combination of warmth, dexterity and flexibility that lets you feel everything but the cold. It is ideal for agriculture, cold storage, commercial fishing, construction, outdoor winter use and utilities application. 

Treen Safety’s focus is to provide solutions regarding worker protection against the hazards in any given industry. If you are interested in learning more about these gloves or to place an order, please contact our safety consultants at Treen Safety at (604) -253- 4588 (Lower Mainland) or  (250)-632-4634 (Kitimat).