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February 2015

  • Posted on  February 24, 2015  by TREENSAFETY NEWS FLASH: BW Technologies by Honeywell have a new maintenance-free single gas detection unit available that will replace the globally popular GasAlertClip Extreme monitor. Here’s the inside scoop on this ultra reliable, user-friendly and cost effective new product. The new BW Clip single gas detector protects against hydrogen sulfide (H₂S), carbon monoxide (CO), oxygen (O₂) and sulfur dioxide (SO₂) for 24 months (a 36 month option is... Continue Reading
  • Posted on  February 12, 2015  by TREENSAFETY Before planning safety signage, workplaces should eliminate or guard against hazards as this is the most effective way of promoting safety. Once all possible measures have been taken to eliminate or guard against a hazard, there may still be a need for a supplementary safety sign as an extra measure of communicating the safety message. One of the first things required in an effective warning sign is to have it noticed. There are a variety of... Continue Reading
  • Posted on  February 10, 2015  by TREENSAFETY The objective of any safety program is to provide solutions that eliminate injuries and their associated costs. The fingers and hands continue to be prone to injuries in the workplace and this is particularly prevalent in the lumber industry where hazards range from machinery operation to slivers from handling lumber products. We recently had the opportunity to work with one of our customers in the lumber/plywood industry to better... Continue Reading
  • Posted on  February 26, 2015  by TREENSAFETY Did you know that exposure to a noise level greater than 85 decibels (about the equivalent of sustained traffic noise) during an average eight-hour day can permanently damage your hearing?  The duration of noise exposure is just as important as the noise level. Continuous noise throughout a shift is more damaging than being exposed a few minutes at a time.  For example, a quick-cut saw operated by a mason may produce a noise... Continue Reading
  • Posted on  February 3, 2015  by TREENSAFETY The Scenario: You’ve sent a worker up to inspect a piece of equipment (crane, wind turbine, oil rig etc.) and they’ve fallen. The worker is now dangling, unconscious, at a height. What’s your rescue plan? Option 1: Call 911 and ask them to send the fire department to rescue him. It could take up to 90 minutes for the rescue team to arrive depending on your location and whether your local fire department has the appropriate... Continue Reading