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January 2016

  • Posted on  January 28, 2016  by TREENSAFETY The winter months continue to get colder and bad weather conditions harshen. Snow and ice blanket yards, cars and roads creating a winter wonderland and driving nightmare. We often see broken down cars and trucks on the sides of the roads or stuck in ditches. It is important to be prepared for the challenges of winter driving so that you can have a safe journey to and from your destination. Even the most advanced drivers should carry the basic... Continue Reading
  • The New Year offers great opportunity to share the success stories of business and safety solutions delivered in the past year. Treen is starting 2016 off with one of the most dangerous industrial professions, welding. Welders face an array of hazards including heat, fire and burns, toxic fumes and gases, ultraviolet light radiation and electric shock. We offer a range of safety products that mitigate the risk of these potentially dangerous hazards while still being cost effective. Treens featured... Continue Reading
  • Winter transcends industry, job and experiences in the workplace. Working outdoors and driving in BC during winter presents a number of challenges including cold temperatures, avalanches, poor visibility and icy conditions. Here are some simple precautions you can take to help minimize the dangers that winter presents. Stay Warm Take regular breaks to warm up and make sure you and your team have adequate gear to stay warm outside. A base layer plus waterproof, insulated protective... Continue Reading