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March 2017

  • We wanted to bring to your attention changes that are going on in the Asian markets that you may not be aware and may have an impact on your costs in the near future.  Over the past few months raw materials costs for both natural rubber latex (NRL) and nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR) have risen significantly.  Since September 2016 the cost of Natural Rubber latex has risen by up to 70%. There are several reasons for this increase including major flooding throughout parts of South East Asia and... Continue Reading
  • WHY RENT WITH TREEN?   Our rental program gives you easy immediate access to a wide range of high value safety equipment. Here are four benefits of renting safety equipment over owning.   1. SAVE MONEY Ownership can be very costly when your high-value equipment is idle and not in use.  You can save yourself money and headaches renting high value safety equipment as you need it. Purchasing, maintaining, insuring and storing safety equipment is expensive and... Continue Reading
  • We are all faced with obligations in the work place that effect our health, well-being, happiness and desire to contribute positively to the success of the company whom we work for. Achieving individual success and pride in your contribution of effort, knowledge and expertise brings many a strong sense of intrinsic satisfaction. Less enjoyable aspects include: work processes that defy logic, and lack of flexibility to balance often changing priorities and having to adhere to these ways of doing things,... Continue Reading