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September 2017

  • What is “prompt” rescue? According to ANSI, the recommended prompt rescue should be less than six minutes (ANSI Z359.4-6.1). Though these standards and regulations have been in place for some time, OSHA and ANSI are bringing this critical subject to the forefront. Why Prompt Rescue Is Critical Without prompt rescue, the worker is at risk of sustaining medical complications or a worsening of injuries from the fall. Keep in mind that injuries can occur before, during and after a fall. A worker might be struck... Continue Reading
  • “Fall Protection” refers to anything that can fall, whether it’s a person, debris, tool or piece of equipment. For all objects at height—including humans—it’s not about catching the object (a reactive action), it’s about preventing things from falling (a preventative measure). When an object falls from height, it gathers energy and force. Heavier tools, some up to 80 pounds (36.28 kg), can be particularly dangerous. Tools that have pointed attributes, like a nail, screwdriver or spud wrench, can also cause... Continue Reading