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October 2017

  • October is Respiratory Awareness Month; this month’s focus is to share information on respiratory hazards and to build awareness on preventative measures to limit occupational exposure to toxic air. The global threat of air pollution and presence of hazardous materials in the workplace can lead to serious respiratory issues, disease, and even cancers. Amongst the most at risk are individuals in mining, fabrication, and construction industries. Hence, it is important that workers are aware of the harmful... Continue Reading
  • Crystalline Silica: Respiration and Health Risks What is Crystalline Silica? As a basic component of soil, sand and rock, Silica is one of the most widespread minerals on earth. It’s most commonly found in quartz, which in turn is used in products like concrete, brick, ceramic tiles, dental filings, jewelry, tombstones and more. Though it exists in many forms, it becomes crystalline and airborne when exposed to high heat or intense pressure like abrasive cutting, crushing and sawing. That’s when you need to... Continue Reading