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April 2018

  • There has been an incline in female workers entering the trades and construction industry. The industry, however still has limited focus on health and safety work wear lines for Women employees. The lack of a dedicated ladies footwear is a prime example of this situation. Work boots play an extremely important role in protecting a worker from a potential hazard in any given industry. Most work boots designed for women are heavy, uncomfortable and bulky looking. Oliver 2400 series is determined to provide women... Continue Reading
  • Many women in non-traditional jobs, such as construction and trades encounter improperly fitting personal protective clothing (PPC). The health and safety product lines designed for women workers are limited in stocks and sizes. Ill-fitting or lose clothing get caught in machinery or cause tripping. Additionally, many women may find the poorly fitting clothing uncomfortable and not wear it, putting themselves at risk of injury and chemical exposure. Lack of knowledge in employers to seek proper PPE and PPC... Continue Reading