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May 2018

  • What is Fit Testing? In order to protect the wearer, a respirator must fit properly. A respirator fit test is used to determine the correct size of facepiece for each individual.The Canadian Standards Association (CSA) standard Z94.4-11 requires that all fit testing be performed in the negative pressure mode. Masks that are dedicated to a positive pressure respirator, such as a supplied air respirator or self-contained breathing apparatus that are only used in a positive pressure mode, must either be... Continue Reading
  • We all know that Poutine was made in Canada, so was peanut butter, telephone, Justin Bieber and majority of submarines that are available in the world. Among these diverse list falls our very own industry, there are numerous Personal Protective Equipment and clothing that are manufactured in Canada by Canadian companies. Being Canadian makes us proud and Canadian made products add on to that patriotic pride. Products manufactured in Canada are a great way to use our spending power to support our local economy... Continue Reading