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Field Notice: Potential Quality Issue of Some North Zone Hard Hats

By treenadmin, 02/21/2018 - 15:05


Honeywell Industrial Safety recently became aware of a potential quality issue that may be present in a very small percentage of North Zone hard hats. This Field Notice is being issued as a precautionary measure only, following a report by a customer of a sprue vestige (a protrusion of plastic) on the inside surface of a hard hat shell. Under certain circumstances, the sprue may increase the chance of injury or cause the wearer discomfort in the event that the hard hat is impacted. In addition, the presence of the sprue may in limited instances result in a hard hat not meeting the CSA Z94.1 Standard to which it has been certified. Honeywell has not received any other complaints from custmers about this product, and no safety incidents have been reported.

Honeywell Industrial Safety
Picture of the sprue vestige of the hard hat, located at the bottom

Products Affected: North Zone Hard Hat, Models N10, N10R, N20, and N20R. Hard Hats with customized pad-printed logos are not affected by this issue.

Honeywell Industrial Safety
Models N10 and N10R


Honeywell Industrial Safety
Models N20 and N20R

Identification of the Products: Identify any North Zone N10, N10R, N20, and N20R products in your inventory. Inspect the manufacturer's stamp on the underside brim of the hard hat to determine the manufacture date (batch code) of the hard hat. The stamp inside the brim of the hard hats has 16 or 17 (year) in the center, and an arrow pointing at the month (1 to 12). All hard hats containing batch code 4-16 to 10-17 must be inspected.

Honeywell Industrial Safety
Picture of a Batch Code stamp - October 2017 shown

Instructions to customers: For each hard hat in the relevant batch code, inspect the entire hard hat shell. Be sure to look underneath the suspension. Look for any protrusion of plastic longer than 1/8 of an inch (3 mm). Remove any hard hat with this quality issue from service and send it to Honeywell Safety Products.

  • END-USERS - Please return any hard hats with the quality issue to your distributor for credit.
  • DISTRIBUTORS - Please contact Honeywell Customer Support to receive authorization numbers or if you need to have replacement product:

Please forward this Field Notice to any of your customers who may have purchased North Zone hard hats. 


We have inspected our inventory and have removed the affected products. Please inspect your stock and contact Treen Customer service at 604-253-4588 or Email: to arrange for return of defective product.