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HyFlex 11-542 Cut Level A7

By treenadmin, 12/07/2017 - 09:20

Redefine Your Comfort Zone™

Released in June 2017, the HyFlex 11-542 Cut Level A7 glove is brand new in the market with an updated technology. It is “designed to drive meaningful changes in workplace behavior when selecting industrial hand protection. Workers across a variety of industries are taken out of their comfort zone when wearing insufficient personal protective equipment (PPE), which can cause distractions, discomfort, or even worse, injury. Proper hand protection solutions can change worker habits so they can be more satisfied and productive, spending their day focused on the job instead of their gloves” (Ansell, 2017). Hence, the brand is called Redefining Your Comfort ZoneTM.

HyFlex uses the Intercept technology to provide extreme comfort & protection in high cut risk applications for increased compliance and an uninterrupted workday. INTERCEPT™ Cut Resistant Technology provides high levels of protection against lacerations and has the lightest weight design for comfort and dexterity. The gloves have exclusive dirt masking design & high abrasion resistance which delivers longer product life. It is also suitable for use across a wide range of applications and risks; avoiding the need to change gloves when transitioning between tasks. It allows intermittent handling of hot work items up to 212° F.

Performance Profile

• High level cut protection (ANSI A7) with dexterity.

• EN407 contact heat level 1 protection for intermittent contact with hot parts & equipment.

• Versatile solution suitable for a wide range of applications.

• Machine washable.


Key Features

• High cut resistance

• High dexterity

• High comfort & lightweight

• Dirt masking design for extended use life

• Fiberglass free

• Natural rubber latex free

• Silicone free






Wood Products

Shutdown Work


Heavy Final Assembly


Machining, Grinding

Glass Industry


Machinery & Equipment

Material Handling

Metal Fabrication

Metal Press

Pulp & Paper

Primary Assembly




If you are interested in learning more about this glove or to place an order, please contact our safety consultants at Treen Safety at (604) -253- 4588 (Lower Mainland) or  (250)-632-4634 (Kitimat).