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NAOSH WEEK TOPIC: Made in Canada Series

By treenadmin, 05/08/2018 - 15:07

We all know that Poutine was made in Canada, so was peanut butter, telephone, Justin Bieber and majority of submarines that are available in the world. Among these diverse list falls our very own industry, there are numerous Personal Protective Equipment and clothing that are manufactured in Canada by Canadian companies. Being Canadian makes us proud and Canadian made products add on to that patriotic pride. Products manufactured in Canada are a great way to use our spending power to support our local economy and often are greener alternatives to imports. For NAOSH week’s essence is to “Make Safety a Habit”, it is a great time to focus on health and safety standards, products and services available through Canadian Manufacturers. There will be a series of spotlight blogs throughout the week on all the new vendors joining Treen Safety with “Made in Canada” products.

Dynamic Safety International – DSI Safety Inc. is Canada’s largest & most diverse manufacturer of Safety & PPE-Personal Protective Equipment. Dynamic Safety is a Canadian owned & operated company employing over 125 Canadians with manufacturing facilities in Laval (Montreal) & Mississauga (Toronto). It has 8 product lines all based on “Fit & Comfort.” The product lines are as follows:

  1. Head Protection
  2. Eye Protection
  3. Hearing Protection
  4. Respiratory Protection
  5. Fall Protection
  6. First Aid & Eyewash Products
  7. Traffic Safety Products
  8. Barricade Tape & Identification Products

Dynamic Safety meets all the safety regulations and/or standards required in Canada, United States, Europe and Latin America. Treen is proud to have the opportunity to distribute locally manufactured products throughout Canada. 


Norguard is Canada’s premier fall protection provider based in Sudbury, Ontario. It is ISO 9001 Certified organization and is a CSA certified facility producing CSA certified products.  Norguard has been in business for over 25 years and is a Division of Guardian and Pure Safety. It offers high quality product with economical pricing. One of the major strengths of Norguard is that it has no minimum order quantity with many items that are available for next day delivery.


Superior Glove® is one of North America’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of work gloves. A respected source for thousands of customers, Superior Glove® has been in the business since 1910. With four manufacturing facilities, they have a global reach to their customers. Specializing in cut-resistant gloves, they are also licensed manufacturers of Kevlar® and Dyneema® products and other high-quality work gloves for every industry.

Superior Glove is has the largest glove selection of any company–over 2500 styles in warehouses across Canada and the U.S.  The products are also the most technically innovative. One of Superior’s strategies in being the leader in gloves is that if you don’t see what you are looking for at their website, they will create it for you.



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