CUSTOMER SERVICE: (604) 253 4588

Equipment Servicing

Fall Protection

We can arrange fall protection equipment inspections and SRL recertification and repair so you can be confident your gear is safe and compliant.


We conduct qualitative or quantitative fit testing for negative pressure respirators.
Note: Fit test candidates must be clean shaven.

Gas Detection

Our servicing department does calibration, minor repairs and some sensor replacement for Draeger and BW Technologies gas detection equipment. We also liaison between Draeger and BW Tech’s service centres to coordinate major repairs.

In-house services generally take 1-2 business days subject to part availability. Coordinating repairs and other services with head office facilities generally takes 1 – 2 weeks. We also have gas detection units available for rental while your equipment is out of service. Please phone our customer service team for more information 604-253-4588.