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20L Oil/Uni Emergency Response Spill Kit

Pacific Spill Supply
"Comes in a yellow 19"" x 24"" nylon carry bag and contains: 10 PSP100-032-S White oil only sorbent pads. Spunbond/meltblown/fine fiber. 15"" x 18"" 5 PSP100-004-S Grey universal sorbent pads. Dimpled, meltblown. 15"" x 18"" 2 PSP100-028-S White oil only sorbent socks. 3"" x 48"" 1 PSP900-001 Clear sorbent disposal bag. 21"" x 36"" 1 pair PSP500-025 Green sorbent nitrile gloves. 1 PSP100-060 2lb bag of Solid A Sorb granular absorbent. 1 PSP900-010 10oz Plug Pattie with antifreeze. 1 PSP900-011 Spill kit instruction sheet. 1 PSP900-012 Spill kit instructions sheet."
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