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Stokoderm Aqua Pure

Skin Health & Hygiene
Innovative multi-phase formulation - provides superior skin protection against water based substances combined with a soothing and nourishing action Hydrophobic barrier complex - forms a robust, water resistant physical protective layer which prevents contaminants from penetrating deeply into the skin Unique emulsion structure - allows active ingredients to penetrate deeply in to the skin to support its natural barrier function Contains Bisabolol - a skin conditioning agent known to stimulate and promote the skin''s regeneration process Contains Hamamelis - known to have astringent properties to help tighten and strengthen the upper layer of the skin, reducing swelling when working in wet, damp or occlusive conditions and making the skin more resistant to abrasion Perfume-free and HACCP assessed - suitable for use in food production and preparation areas Compatible with alcohol-based hand sanitizer - suitable for use in hygiene sensitive areas
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