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Introducing Treen Safety's Asset Tracking Management Service

Scalable technology is becoming more important than ever for small and medium businesses. Safety managers need the ability to locate their safety equipment and the inspection status of the equipment, at any time. To meet this demand, Treen Safety has launched a new service, Asset Tracking Management (ATM). The Treen Safety Asset Tracking Management (ATM) service, in conjunction with onsite safety programs, allows workers to be accountable for their own safety. This is done by building a stronger safety culture through linking tagged equipment to specific workers and onsite reviews. Damaged and unsafe equipment is identified by our inspectors and removed to eliminate injury as a result of faulty equipment.

Treen Safety’s Asset Tracking Management (ATM) service is flexible across all computing software as well as Apple and Android devices. This cloud based software makes it easy to have the resources needed to be complaint with safety regulations 24/7, online or offline.

Email notifications are the easiest and most effective way to remind you that an inspection or audit needs to be completed. The Asset Tracking Management (ATM) service emails your safety tasks to you and allows you to set up an email distribution list so you can send emails to all partners involved in the inspection audits.

Conducting and managing safety inspections and audits has never been easier. Our one-click audits and checklists makes using Field ID a breeze. The Field ID safety Network allows for unparalleled traceability, from the point of manufacturer to the point of retirement, all you records are easily stored and accessed in one place. 

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